Computer services on-site at homes and businesses in the greater Tulsa area.  Low cost, very affordable and professional computer work including one-on-one training and private lessons for beginners.  This Tulsa Geek performs hardware and software upgrades, wireless network installations, repairs, and maintenance too.  Low Cost.  I work with just about everything related to computers; you'll save a bundle and smile even more than usual ;)

Computer Repair Tulsa Geek  

   On site computer services, including diagnosis of computer problems, on-site, in the convenience of your home or business.  I have 20 + years of professional experience in all software and hardware repairs, installations, upgrades of drives, back ups, any hardware or software.  RAM memory, hard drives, flash drives, backups, private computer lessons .... the works.  The best for less.  The Tulsa Geek does it all.   

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Computer Consultant: Repair Services by The Tulsa Geek

     That's me Wayne Barnes, the Tulsa computer teacher and consultant.  Many folks call me "The Tulsa Geek" because they know that I have been passionate about PC Computers since shortly after the Lord invented dirt....well, a very long time anyway. 

    I am a native and lifetime resident of Tulsa; there is no place else on earth that I would rather live.  Hey, want to learn some

Comparison Price Chart

For labor or private lessons: hourly minimum, $50, rounded to closest quarter hour.  My rates are far less than those of the "Geek Squad", at least 50% less.  My price for a diagnosis is only $50, a savings of $109.00 compared to the "Geek Squad."

Here are recent comparisons:



Wayne, The Tulsa Geek

Geek Squad®

Remove spyware, Viruses
Repair (Advanced)
Install Suites (MS Office) etc
Annual Preventive Care
Basic Hourly Rate


Among All Tulsa Computer Consultants
Always Fair.  Always Reasonable.

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Of Additional Interest

Free shopping advice  Free Shopping Advice & Guidance -- I'll help you save a bundle on computers, monitors, hard drives, printers and more.  Virtually anything that has to do with any aspect of computers and computing.  I will point you in the right direction.  I do not sell computers or computer parts; no commissions or "kickbacks" for me.  This service is totally free.

Low cost services  I am quite knowledgeable about what needs to be done to substantially prolong the life of your computer, especially your hard drive, by installing a proper  surge protector and electrical current filter and battery backup system.  The prices for these devices have never been lower.  I'll be glad to help you shop for and find exactly what you need; no extra charge.

Save money.  When working with clients they always receive my full attention, it wouldn't be fair to them if I answered phone calls until I am free or between client visits.  If I do not answer your call please be patient.  Leave a message and I will really get back to you as soon as I am free to do so.

  How about a convenient home network of 2 or more of your computers?  All you need to do is buy a wireless router and I'll do the rest.  Each computer will be able to use the SAME internet connection at the same time.  Don't forget, I'll even show you where you can buy a fine wireless router at a great price.  Remember, there will be no additional charges from your Internet Service provider for the great convenience of using each of your connected computers with the same Internet connection.  I love saving money, I bet that you do too.

I am always and sincerely at your service,

Install software, suites, antivirus, drives, more.


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Questions? Concerns?  Just call (918) 645-1470 or send
I won't let you down.

Computer Services -- Summary

What is a Geek?  The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc.  I confess that my obsession is with electronics, especially computers.  Now you know my secret  ;)

My specialties as the Tulsa Geek are virtually all aspects of computers and computer systems from the simple CPU "box" (Central Processing Unit) to the many electronic devices resident on "motherboards." 

For me it is actually FUN to install, replace or repair computer hardware including RAM (Random Access Memory), disk drives, CD drives, graphic and video cards, sound cards, external backup drives, wireless networks, and so much more.

Software is equally as much fun to install, reinstall, upgrade and configure.  Software suites, such as Microsoft Office® and Powerful Graphic Suites, as well as simple software programs are fun too.  Removing software that is no longer wanted helps by recovering space.  Installing powerful anti-virus and anti-spyware programs is an excellent use of disk space.

Removing Viruses and Spyware are among the most exciting aspects of my daily work.  Locating them isn't always easy; the rascals are sometimes skilled at hiding by masquerading as non-virus wolves in sheep's clothing.  Stamping out viruses and spyware always makes my day.

About me, personally.  I believe in and follow the "Golden Rule" in all aspects of my life including business.  The "Golden Rule" is not just for Sundays, it is for all days.  I always treat my customers at least as well as I really want to be treated, no less.  For me it is genuine, automatic, and heartfelt.  Oh, it also makes me feel good; warm inside. 

Teaching personal computer skills to others, especially beginners, is one of my favorite services.  Giving private one-on-one lessons to youngsters and seniors alike is an experience in empowerment; the knowledge and skills gained by my students benefits them for the rest of their lives.

Need a hand?  Just email or call me: (918) 645-1470.  If I am with a customer I will return your call as soon as I am free; just leave a brief message with your name and phone number.  Please state your call back number twice to be sure I get it right.

In home computer services


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